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Navy shooter described as Obama liberal unhappy with America

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As investigators comb through the life of Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis, a profile of a deeply disturbed man, unhappy with America, has begun to develop.

One friend, Michael Ritrovato, talked to reporters Tuesday about his relationship with Alexis and conversations they had about politics and religion.

Ritrovato told CNN’s Jake Tapper that Alexis was an Obama liberal, unhappy with the Bush administration:

Aaron wasn’t conservative like I am. He was more of a liberal type; he wasn’t happy with the former administration. He was more happy with this administration — as far as presidential administrations.

Speaking to reporters in Texas, Ritrovato said he and Alexis, who was a practicing Buddhist, “had a few arguments over Buddhism versus Christianity, but it was nothing that had gotten heated.”

According to another friend, Alexis was unhappy with America.

He “felt a lot of discrimination and and racism with white people especially,” and had developed “a growing sense of entitlement and disrespect,” Kristi Suthamtewkal told NBC News.

“I knew he was not happy with America and he felt slighted as a veteran and he was ready to move out of the country,” she said.

However, it appears Alexis moved to Virginia instead, where despite an alarming criminal history and documented mental disorders, he had his security clearance renewed in July for his contractor job, which allowed him on the base to kill 12 Americans Monday.

Watch Ritrovato on CNN here via Breitbart News:

Ritrovato speaks to reporters about friend Aaron Alexis via The Dallas News:


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