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Little boy, so touched by 9/11, anonymously leaves police bag of money

Max Siepert
Screenshot WTMJ News

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Wisconsin’s Greenfield Police Department went on a “little man” hunt for the anonymous boy captured on videotape donating his life saving’s to the police.

Little Max Siepert, 11, was “wanted” for thanks after he gave a bag of change – totaling $10.03 – that he saved all summer long specifically to donate to the Greenfield police.

Siepert, who’s grandfather was an officer killed in the line of duty, simply “wanted to make a difference,” he told WTMJ News.

“In social studies class we learned about 9/11 and all the great things the police and fire department did,” Siepert explained in other reports.

“If every person would do that, we would have such a great world. It would be awesome!” this remarkable kind and generous child said.

Watch the feel good story of the week here via 3TV News:


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