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Joe Biden’s niece busted, flips out on New York police

Caroline biden
Caroline Biden, bizarrely covered in a white sheet, being taken out of police station by paramedics Tuesday in NY.
Photo Credit: NY Post

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It seems Vice President Joe Biden isn’t the only embarrassing family member.

Meet Joe’s niece, art-dealer Caroline Biden, 26, who completely flipped out on her roommate and then police, who wound up throwing her in the slammer in New York’s First Precinct.

The incident happened early Tuesday morning when Biden freaked “after her roommate confronted her about unpaid rent at their $3,500-a-month digs,” the New York Post reported.

When NYPD arrived at the upscale apartment, Biden attacked a female police officer who refused to show Biden what “she was writing.”

According to the Post:

Biden threw one punch at the female officer, and missed. A male officer intervened, and the pol’s niece started striking him with numerous small, slap-like hits on his arm and chest, sources said.

As the cops subdued her, she “flailed her arms frantically” to resist being handcuffed, cops said.

She was finally taken to the First Precinct station house, where she resisted going into a holding cell “by grabbing a police officer’s arm,” cops said.

All that crazed drama led to paramedics being called to take her to the hospital after Biden complained of “difficulty breathing.”


“We’re just little white-collar people here,” the mother of the woman who rented the apartment to Biden in August told the Post. “If you’re an elitist Biden, I guess you think you’re owed the world.”

For once, the vice president is silent; he hasn’t responded to the Post’s request for comment.

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