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CNN, NBC smear Fox News radio host with false racism claims

Miss America
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As America celebrated its diversity Sunday night with Nina Davuluri, an Indian-American, being crowned Miss America, some in the media were quick to jump on the “racist” reactions of a few narrow-minded Americans.

Of course, when looking to slam the right, Fox News is always a prime target as CNN and NBC made clear when both networks focus on a tweet by Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes while reporting on the racial animosity directed toward the winner.

“Reporters at both networks blew a gasket after I posted a tweet affirming the American values of Theresa Vail – the gun-toting, deer-hunting, tattooed army sergeant who represented Kansas in the Miss American Pageant,” Starnes wrote on Monday in an follow up editorial.

As Starnes noted, Miss Kansas had generated lots of attention in part due to her military service and tattoos, and also won ABC’s online “America’s Choice” poll.

However, CNN and NBC suggest Starne’s tweet was directed at the winner of the pageant, which presents one small problem for them.

It was tweeted before the winner was announced, after Miss Kansas had been eliminated.

The tweet was posted at 10:53 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, according to the Twitter time stamp. Miss New York was announced as the winner at 10:57 p.m.,  Eastern Standard Time.

“It shows I was tweeting about Miss Kansas – not Miss New York,” Starnes pointed out.

“No sooner had the tiara been placed atop her head than a barrage of racist tweets flooded the Internet,” CNN’s Leslie Bentz wrote before she quoted and posted a screen grab of Starnes’ tweet.

NBC reporter Eun Kyung Kim followed suit: “Meanwhile, Todd Starnes, host of Fox News & Commentary, blamed the win on a ‘politically correct’ panel of judges, according to a series of tweets.”

Which cannot be true as the tweets in question came before the winner was announced.

In effect, Starnes was implying that the judges would reject “American values,” not that they would choose a minority as Miss America — of which, he had no way of knowing when he tweeted.

Starnes added: “By 9:53 a.m. Monday morning, CNN mysteriously revised their story and removed any mention of me as well as the photograph of the tweet they alleged was racist. They also revised the headline … CNN did not offer any explanation for the retraction.”

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