James Woods
James Woods: ‘My favorite tweet ever!’

“Dance like no one is watching” is more than an expression. One English woman showed just how it’s done, and now everyone is watching – including favorite […]

Former Clinton Foundation employee, Muslim Brotherhood official, arrested

A former executive of the William J. Clinton Foundation who is now a senior Muslim Brotherhood official was arrested in Cairo Tuesday for inciting violence. Gehad el-Haddad […]

starbucks no guns
Starbucks final kiss-off to conservatives; no longer pro-gun announcement

What a difference a month makes. In early August, pro-gun groups established a “Starbucks Appreciation Day” after learning the company supported firearms in its establishments, as long as […]

Damning proof IRS flagged groups specifically for ‘anti-Obama’ content

It wasn’t just the names. Their thoughts were a problem, too. The IRS crackdown on conservative non-profit groups seeking tax-exempt status in the years leading up to […]

7 examples of discrimination against Christians in America

The majority of Americans are Christians, but we’re not treated with respect by the culture, the schools, or by our politicians. “Vengeance” may be the Lord’s to […]

Truckers organizing to shut down America, DC for 3 days

A group of freedom-loving truckers appearing almost to have accepted a baton from the 9/11 Two Million Biker D.C. rally. They plan to shut down America on […]

crazy cop 1
Neighbors capture video; say cop went crazy on innocent family

A video of a police officer in Toledo, Ohio forcing a woman and her family at gunpoint to lay in the street is making its way around […]

Access to guns not real problem, Pastor Rick Warren tells Piers Morgan

Going public about their son’s suicide for the first time since his death in April, Saddleback Church founders Rick and Kay Warren told CNN’s Piers Morgan on […]

Student suspended, may face expulsion for ‘doing the right thing’

A 16-year-old Pittsburgh-area student received a 10-day suspension for “doing the right thing,” according to his lawyer. When the student, David Schaffner III, attended a Fox Chapel […]

Miss America
CNN, NBC smear Fox News radio host with false racism claims

As America celebrated its diversity Sunday night with Nina Davuluri, an Indian-American, being crowned Miss America, some in the media were quick to jump on the “racist” […]

mosque field-trip
Parents outraged at field trip to mosque; students given Qurans

A Tennessee high school field trip to an Islamic mosque where students were given copies of the Quran not only left parents questioning the decision, but resulted […]

Caroline biden
Joe Biden’s niece busted, flips out on New York police

It seems Vice President Joe Biden isn’t the only embarrassing family member. Meet Joe’s niece, art-dealer Caroline Biden, 26, who completely flipped out on her roommate and […]