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‘She’s a superhero’: Hasselbeck & Fox welcome Pam Bondi to couch

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Since taking office as the first female attorney general in the nation, Florida’s Pam Bondi has fought against mortgage and Medicaid fraud, stood up for states’ rights over health care, battled to shut down dangerous pill mills and taken on human trafficking. For that, “Fox & Friends” called her a rising political star.

“She’s a superhero!” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck said Tuesday, noting that Bondi has gained influence among politicos nationwide.

Brian Kilmeade asked Bondi what taking on Obamacare did for her national profile.

“You go into this doing what you know is right,” she said. “That’s all you can do. I fought as hard as I could. I firmly believe that this is unconstitutional.”

A new Fox News poll found that 68 percent of Americans are concerned about health care under the new law. Bondi agreed it is a problem.

“You can’t fly a plane while you’re still building it,” she said.

Bondi discussed her battle against synthetic drugs being targeted toward kids, showing examples of packaging that distributors are using.

Watch Bondi’s interview here via Fox News:



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