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Panel shoots down Piers Morgan’s loud gun control rant

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CNN host Piers Morgan was chomping at the bit after Monday’s shooting at the Navy Yard to prove that guns are evil and are why mass shootings are on the rise in America.

Gun rights activist John Lott effectively shot down the mass shooting statistics Morgan cited, and said that “these gun free zones create a magnet” for the types of tragedies at gun free zones like the Navy Yard.

Conservative radio host Ben Ferguson jumped in with an eloquent argument for why gun free zones basically make people sitting ducks: “Don’t set up people, whether it be a movie theater or a school or a military base, for failure by having a gun free zone unless you are a law enforcement official…”

Ferguson then pointed out the lunacy of President Bill Clinton’s executive order banning weapons on military bases:

If you are in the United States Navy and we trust you with Navy ships and war, why the hell wouldn’t we trust you to carry your weapon to work with you when we trust you with top secret information.

Watch via CNN here:


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