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Jon Stewart mocks Lindsey Graham mercilessly

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Jon Stewart celebrated avoiding war with Syria during his Comedy Central show on Monday, while poking fun at those who didn’t seem as happy about the latest development. U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham was one of his biggest targets.

Stewart said he thought the U.S. would end up bombing Syria and calling it a “freedom play date.” But the winds of war shifted and “we managed not to have a war with somebody.”

“You don’t get a war!” he said, showing a video of excited people jumping up and down. “Everybody doesn’t get a war!”

Stewart mocked Graham for saying the development was a “debacle,” then went after the Wall Street Journal’s Paul Gigot for calling it a “fiasco.”

After a backdrop graphic which read, “Dude, where’s my war?” appears, a montage is played of talk show commentators criticizing the lack of a military response.

Watch the two clips here via Comedy Central:

(Warning: video may include mature language.)




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