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Dad recalls pain: Obama off to Vegas; my son’s body left on tarmac

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The heartbroken, but disgusted, father of murdered former Navy SEAL Ty Woods not only waits for justice for the Benghazi four, he continues to wait for President Obama to have the courtesy to respond to a letter he sent asking for answers on Benghazi.

Charles Woods expressed his frustration to Fox News’ Mike Huckabee Saturday night that a disinterested Obama seemingly doesn’t care to pursue justice for his son and the three other Americans killed last September.

Outraged that his son’s body “was left on the tarmac for three hours and there wasn’t even an American plane sent to rescue or even take his body home,” Woods called out the president for his lack of attention the night of the attack:

I wish he had taken time the night of September 11, not to go to bed, not to prepare to collect money in Las Vegas, but I wish he had taken time then to watch more of the video of the live time ambush attack of the Embassy and that I wish that he had sent the troops that everyone knows were available to rescue those people.

Watch the segment here via YouTube:


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