Arab-Americans accuse 9/11 Memorial Museum of discrimination

9/11 Memorial

Photo Credit: The National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Tourists visiting the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City can read its brochures in 10 different languages – but Arabic is not one of them. Nor will it be any time soon.

“Nine languages are spoken by over 97 percent of our visitors: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese and Russian,” a representative from the memorial told the New York Post.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, claiming Arabic is the world’s fourth-most-spoken language, is sending letters to memorial coordinators demanding answers on why the language is not included.

But it appears that the Arabic community is looking for more than just brochures printed in its language. An August report describes Manhattan as the area once known as Little Syria:

Less than 100 years ago, New York City’s renowned commercial district was home to the largest Arab community in the Western hemisphere. Since the 1880’s, Arab immigrants from what was then known as Greater Syria – and later divided into present-day Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine – settled in this neighborhood, the first stop in New York City after Ellis Island.

Streets that are now lined with skyscrapers housing the headquarters of world financial institutions were instead lined with low-rise Arabic coffee shops, Middle Eastern restaurants and shops. Men in traditional fezzes poured coffee for passers-by on the streets.

The group is petitioning the 9/11 Memorial Museum to include Little Syria’s history in its permanent exhibit.

“The lack of Arabic brochures and the apparent exclusion of Arab-American history suggests a pattern of discrimination towards Arabs and Arab-Americans,” Raed Jarrar, communications director for the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, told Al Jazeera.

9-11 Museum

Photo credit: Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

9/11 Memorial spokesman Michael Frazier told Al Jazeera the museum had offered to include an oral history of Little Syria in a temporary exhibit, but there was not enough time to include the perspective in the museum’s permanent exhibit because of the work involved.

As for printing tourism materials in Arabic, the museum said there aren’t enough Arabic-speaking visitors to justify the cost.

“As Arabic-speaking visitors currently represent our 25th-largest group, Arabic translations are not yet among the initial foreign language editions,” the museum’s representative told the Post.

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


36 thoughts on “Arab-Americans accuse 9/11 Memorial Museum of discrimination

  1. Misty Santos says:

    I’m appalled that we cannot go their country without being, raped, killed and beheaded. They don’t have churches specially made for us to worship in, nor do they put everything in our language! So I think that they have more liberty in this country and respect in this country than they have given us in our own country! The race and religious cards that they play are old, tired and used up! If they feel they are mistreated go back to your country and leave ours alone! We are not a Muslim Nation!!!!!!!

  2. doximom says:

    We (the USA) need to stop pandering to these people. If they don’t like America, there are lots of Middle Eastern countries they can relocate to. Why are they here rather than there? Think about it. They’re basically bullies who want their way and to push their religion and culture on everyone else. Enough already!

    1. Binah says:

      They are HERE, for the Same reason they are infiltrating every other country in the World. They are trying to Dominate the world. They have a plan. We Need to wake up, and Become active. We need to be warriors.. I don’t mean in violence. I mean in behavior: Read, See, learn Speak Up, and VOTE for candidates and a President that Love our Country and that knows how to lead America.

    2. Decoy555 says:

      21 Muslim, non-secular countries to be exact.

  3. Jerry says:

    Even if sand people had settled in there in 1880’s there would never have been sky scrapers, etc. there. These people invent almost nothing. If they didn’t have oil in the ground they would have died off by now. Perhaps the museum could display a canvas tent and some towels and suicide bomber.

    1. NYC427 says:

      Little Syria was a Christian-Arabic speaking community. They fought in
      our wars (WWI and WWII) and have been fully assimilated for over one
      hundred years. They have contributed MANY great things to this country since then. Please, do your research before you post such idiotic

      1. Jerry says:

        Name some great contributions besides towels.

  4. Kravn says:

    In other news, 97.8% of Americans give zero f***s about what Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee thinks.

  5. janice says:

    Take the hint….we don’t like you or want you here. note:I would have to excuse our normal Muslims which add to the USA one of it’s standing believes that all men are created equal. But all this anti-American crap…has to stop and that includes Barry & Moochelle.

  6. kT TK says:

    Claiming land with false historical claims is a step to justify the acquisition of land by grievance based terrorism. I doubt there was ever many true islamic settlements there.

    1. NYC427 says:

      Little Syria was a Christian-Arabic speaking community. They fought in
      our wars (WWI and WWII) and have been fully assimilated for over one
      hundred years. They have contributed MANY great things to this country
      since then. Please, do your research before you post such idiotic
      bullshit. Come on.

  7. Kay Ramsey says:

    Tough stuff, Muslims. Take the brochure to someone who can translate it for you.

    1. Jerry says:

      Actually it’s their responsibility to learn English. Same with all foreigners.

  8. Kay Ramsey says:

    I’m pretty sure that low-rise Arabic coffee shops, Middle Eastern restaurants and shops. and men in traditional fezzes pouring coffee for passers-by on the streets is not the best use for that property.

  9. Noboodi Busini says:

    Do not buy anything from best buy or future shop they fund the terrorists. If you do you are supporting terrorism.

    1. Decoy555 says:

      Really, Best Buy? Well, while you’re at it don’t pump gas in your car. Dummy. Stick to the topic.

  10. Decoy555 says:

    How about all 21 of the existing Muslim Countries repudiate their existing anti-democratic, anti-secular laws, and affirmatively provide the same protection of equal rights they enjoy when they visit or relocate to this country?

    And those who are advocating Arabic to be included in the brochure, why don’t you first focus your attention on the gross inequalities amongst minorities in your own countries? Our female troops posted in Saudi Arabia have to wear a military outfitted Burka when they leave the bases into the public, seriously, this is NOT a joke. Iran, you’re not winning any points either by recently banning the sale of the smiling Buddha figurines; yes, the chubby one whose fat belly you can rub for good luck. You see, in a real, secular, tolerant democracy, people wouldn’t never object to such a superficial thing. And the Pakistani government and military is a mess, in so many ways, I don’t even know where to begin. They speak in Hindi/Urdu, yet choose to read/write in Arabic. Can someone say “Identity Crisis?”

    Lastly, there are over a billion East-Indians that speak Hindi, and you don’t see them complaining. So please don’t make this a “brown” issue. We get along perfectly fine with them, even recently crowned one Miss America. Maybe a little introspection wouldn’t hurt.

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