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Police policy of killing injured animals at shooting range under fire

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Police officers in a California city are coming under fire for a policy of taking injured dogs and cats out to the shooting range to kill them.

A California law permitting this practice has been on the books for decades, subject to local restrictions. Some jurisdictions require supervisory approval in each and every instance, others ban the practice altogether, according to Sacramento’s CBS-13.

The law provides,“…any officer… may, with the approval of his or her immediate superior, humanely destroy any abandoned animal in the field in any case where the animal is too severely injured to move or where a veterinarian is not available and it would be more humane to dispose of the animal.”

Opponents call the practice barbaric.

“That sounds so archaic to me,” said veterinarian Dr. Jyl Rubin. “What a crazy way of thinking, especially with all these rescue organizations.”

The local police see things differently.

“Quite honestly, taking an animal’s life might be the most humane thing to do under those circumstances,” said Sacramento County Sgt. Jason Ramos.

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