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Obama’s upside-down job approval beginning to hurt Democratic Party

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A Wall Street Journal poll found that only 45 percent of Americans approve of how President Obama is handling the economy, with 52 percent disapproving – the sixth month in a row the president’s numbers have been upside-down.

A “Today” show report Friday attributed the dismal numbers to the financial meltdown that produced high unemployment rates, a sluggish recovery and limited job growth just before Obama took office.

“It’s hurting the Democratic Party,” NBC’s Chuck Todd said. “Now more people are saying the Republicans are better at dealing with the economy than the Democrats. But the place where the Republicans are hurt is that more people pick the president and Democrats as saying that they relate better to the middle class than Republicans. There’s clearly disappointment in how the president handled the economic recovery.”

The poll found that people who describe themselves as poor or middle class don’t see themselves as moving up the economic ladder any time soon.

Watch Todd’s report here via NBC:


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