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Laura Ingraham posts ‘best bumper sticker ever!’ slamming Obama

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A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it’s what lies underneath the picture that tells the full story, as a response to a tweet demonstrated Friday.

Conservative pundit and radio host Laura Ingraham found something that caught her eye and posted it on her Twitter feed as follows:


Um, it’s “quadrillion,” but don’t let the White House know.

Her tweet received the normal replies and re-tweets one would expect, including comments such as “best bumper sticker ever!” “LMBO” (meaning “laughing my butt off”), “funniest bumper sticker ever” and “funny but scary.”

The best response came from a very observant reader who didn’t reply directly to Ingraham on Twitter.

When her tweet was posted on Michelle Malkin’s site, Twitchy, a reader named Craig Swinson observed, “Notice how it covers an Obama/Biden bumper sticker?”

Now look at the photograph again. Peeking out from the bottom of the bumper sticker is another one — red, white and blue. And one can clearly see the bottom sliver of what appears to be the circular Obama logo.

Proof that elections have consequences, and the Obama foundation is crumbling — one year too late.

Read all the comments at Twitchy.


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