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Judge Jeanine: Mr. President, you’ve been played by big, bad Vlad

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What a difference a week makes. In a scathing critique of the president’s handling of the crisis in Syria, Judge Jeanine Pirro scolded President Obama on the values of leadership.

“Leaders are not born, they evolve,” Pirro said on her FoxNews show Friday. “They earn respect because of their character, integrity and credibility. Leaders are direct, clear and concise.”

Pirro cited Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan as examples of real leaders.

“Leaders don’t dither, vacillate, get boxed into corners or play games,” she said. “They make the hard decisions. They don’t pass them off on others. They understand the buck stops with them.”

Pirro said every time Obama opens his mouth he gets into trouble – even by contradicting Secretary of State John Kerry on the type and effects of a military strike on Syria.

“But enter big, bad Vlad doing the Putin pivot,” Pirro said referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The Russian president throws a lifeline to both Syria’s Assad and to the president of the United States.”

Pirro said that the United States should have been able to solve this crisis on its own, adding that she doubted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ever feared an attack orchestrated by Obama.

“Mr. President, admit it: You’ve been played, been caught flat-footed by a devil that doesn’t wear Prada,” she said.

Watch Pirro’s opening statement on Fox News:



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