Dad dons Daisy Dukes to teach daughter; lesson goes viral

A Central Utah man’s attempt to teach his daughter a thing or two about modesty has made the family famous –and feminists furious.

Scott Mackintosh, of Lehi, was taking his family out to dinner recently when his wife, Becky, asked the couple’s 19-year-old daughter Myley to change because the shorts she was wearing were too revealing.

daisydukedad“She said ‘NO!’” Scott Mackintosh wrote on “Becky Mack’s Blog of Mild Chaos,” his wife’s blog, .  “Instead of turning her response and disrespectful attitude into a major battle, I decided to make a ‘small’ statement on how her short-shorts maybe aren’t as ‘cute’ as she thinks!”

So Mackintosh cut down a pair of denims to “Daisy Duke” length and took the family out to dinner, a round of miniature golf, and ice cream.

“I don’t know, I thought it was really funny at first and I immediately started taking pictures,” Myley told ABC 4 , one of numerous interviews the Mackintoshes have done since Scott’s Sept. 3 stunt, including a “Today Show” show. (Video below.)

She didn’t think it was so funny when it came time for the ice cream shop, though, opting to stay in the car to avoid being seen with the family.

Those fun-loving free-spirits at didn’t think it was so funny either, launching a 1,200-word diatribe against Mackintosh’s “modest is hottest” campaign.

“This is not about what looks good or doesn’t,” an irate Tracey Moore. It’s about his feelings about women, impropriety, watching his daughter grow up and become autonomous or sexual … It’s about equating her worth with her seeming virginity or innocence.”

All right, then.

First of all, almost nowhere in the coverage of this is it mentioned that Myley is 19 years old. While technically a “teen daughter” – which is how all she’s almost universally referred to (it makes the story better) – she’s also technically and legally an adult.

By 19, frankly, she shouldn’t be being told what to wear to go out to dinner with her family. And by 19, she shouldn’t need to be.

But that’s something for Myley, Becky and Scott to deal with (or not).

It’s the attention the story is getting – and the screed on Jezebel – that’s interesting.

When a family dispute over a 19-year-old woman’s choice of “sexy” clothing goes viral, and the overwhelming approval for the father’s efforts (besides his obvious sense of humor) is such that it requires draws a screeching feminist defense, it makes you wonder if those “progressives” have done as much damage as they think they have.

Cheer up. As bad as it looks sometimes, they only think they’re winning.

Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


7 thoughts on “Dad dons Daisy Dukes to teach daughter; lesson goes viral

  1. momoseven says:

    I have two comments, one to the author of this piece, and another to the online Jezebel folks. First, I disagree that a parent is never allowed to give good advice to a legally adult child. As an adult, the child should be able to receive good advice just as they would from a trusted friend. While, of course they can ignore it, and the parent has no way to enforce compliance with that desired behavior, I believe that we all have the responsibility to share wisdom with the ones we are close to, if it is truly for their good; adult siblings and good friends do this all the time. One can either take it or leave it, but if wisdom is coming from a trustworthy person by which one has a close relationship, it will be viewed that it is out of love, even if the person receiving the information is not convinced of the argument.
    That said, I think the Jezebel folks are utterly ridiculous! They are the ones equating immodest clothing with virginity! Really? A lady could dress in dark, shapeless, loose fitted clothing from head to toe and be promiscuous. Revealing, cut-off shorts are simply out of the acceptable standard for public attire, because they expose part of ones buttocks. When I see that in public, I don’t first think,”Oh, that girl is not a virgin!” Good grief, I simply think that she’s trying to get attention.

  2. timothyf7 says:

    First of all, she was 19 and shouldn’t be told what to wear. Really? Who was paying for the outing? Who didn’t want to be embarrassed during the outing they were supplying? No, they can’t tell her how to dress, but they can tell her she wasn’t going with them dressed like that. Or is Jezebel just another liberal yellow rag that thinks it is okay to do whatever you want regardless of the consequences and effects? Jezebel needs to MYOB!!!

    1. Richard Erwin says:

      i agree has anyone ever heard a father say if you live under my roof?

  3. Marie Dina says:

    What do people find wrong in a father showing his daughter that sexually objectifying herself is not right.

    More fathers should do the same.

    Kudos to dad.

    1. Kenneth Clark says:

      Agreed. More fathers, not sperm donors, should be involved with their daughters, minor and adult alike, this is where women learn how a man is supposed to treat a woman, from a real father.

      Stand up Dads, show “Jezebel” they are really a Jezebel

  4. Egon says:

    Why would someone equate vulgarity with “sexiness”?

  5. porktheotherwhitemeat says:

    If she is living in his house and he is paying the bills for her his say is where the buck stops

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