Bill Maher calls US the George Zimmerman of the world

The comedian who personally donated $1 million to making sure Barak Obama got re-elected president of the United States doesn’t understand why the country’s being turned into an international joke.

During a monologue Friday night, HBO’s Bill Maher complained about Obama’s ham-handed, ineffectual response to the civil war in Syria – where more than 110,000 people have been killed – then turned it into a pretty tasteless joke himself.

billmaher“We’re starting to look not so much like the world’s policeman, but more like George Zimmerman, itching to use force and then pretending it’s because we had no choice,” Maher complained.

That got a laugh from Maher’s lib audience, of course, but logic has never been a liberal strongpoint (that’s why they’re liberals).

Being prepared to use force (as Zimmerman was) is not “itching” to. And if there’s a better choice between shooting someone and getting your head bashed into concrete, it must not have been apparent that night in Sanford, Fla.

But leave that aside, because in the world according to Maher, Islamist terror wouldn’t be a problem for the United States if the U.S. didn’t keep picking fights in the Islamic world.

“We have to stop bombing Muslim countries if we ever want to feel safe from terrorism in our own,” he said in a deliberate misreading of history that drew yet more liberal applause.

Maher also seemed puzzled about the role of the United States in the world, noting that since World War II it’s bombed 16 countries. With typical liberal evasiveness, though, he neglected to mention more than half of those countries are not in any way Islamic, and that in the case of at least two (Bosnia and Serbia), the bombing was aimed specifically at saving Muslim lives.

Maher doesn’t have to tell the truth, of course.

He’s a comedian, an entertainer, and his audience is largely semi-educated liberals who lap up lame lines like “our schools are crumbling and we want to teach everyone a lesson” (please) because that kind of thing helps them feel moral, and smart and and altogether the cat’s pajama of early 21st century thought.

But really. That $1 million wasn’t going to buy the presidency of Sweden. If the U.S. doesn’t act like a superpower, someone will. And none too gently either.

Maher should at least start acting like he knows that.

Check out the video here:

Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


5 thoughts on “Bill Maher calls US the George Zimmerman of the world

  1. Brandon Johns says:

    I can’t believe anybody actually listens to this guy.

    1. lovinspoonful says:

      I can’t believe anyone thinks he is a comedian or an entertainer.

  2. Jerry says:

    Bill Maher is an extremely bitter man. Maybe he feels that his nose looks like a penis and his nostrils look like a scrotum.

  3. Cuda says:

    HE is the confused messenger for Obama, he wants to be funny ( fail) he wants to be taken seriously ( double fail) he wants everyone to think he is on the leading edge of solutions ( horrible fail) hasn’t been funny for 15 years and the 1million bought him 5 more years at the liberal table before they toss him aside as the rest of us have…. just go away Maher you traitor

    1. ikallicrates says:

      I came to this site because of the title: “Bill Maher calls US the George Zimmerman of the world”. Maher is absolutely correct. Having said that, I’ll now say goodbye. Never been here before, and never coming back.

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