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Joe Biden calls House Republicans Neanderthals: Isn’t that racist?

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Vice President Joe Biden has done it again, unleashing another “Bidenism” while speaking in public, this time at the expense of the GOP during a Thursday barbecue at his home.

Biden warned the crowd of what was to come before he spoke at the event commemorating the 19th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act.

“I’m going to say something outrageous,” Biden said, according to The Hill. “I think I understand the Senate better than any man or woman who’s ever served in there, and I think I understand the House.”

Biden then unleashed his latest gaffe.

“Surprisingly, last year, we ran into this sort of Neanderthal crowd,” Biden said, referring to House Republicans who initially opposed the legislation.

The crowd laughed.

“No, I mean it. I’m serious,” he said. “Did you ever think we’d be fighting over, you know, 17, 18 years later to reauthorize this?”

Earlier this year, the House approved a bipartisan Senate bill to reauthorize the act after a yearlong fight with Republicans opposed primarily because it would expand access to certain visas for noncitizens who are victims of domestic violence.

Once that part of the bill was removed from the final version, Congress overwhelmingly voted in favor of reauthorization, according to The Hill.

Watch Biden here via CNN:

Biden’s comments are reminiscent of the famous Geico “caveman” ad campaign, which, you may recall, actually prompted some to criticize the ads as, yes, “racist.” At a time when accusations of racism – even against cavemen – and political correctness are rampant, the vice president may want to choose his words more carefully.


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