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Heated Glenn Beck pegs CNN’s Amanpour as ‘anti-Jew fraud’

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Glenn Beck broke what he called his self-imposed silence regarding former CNN co-worker Christiane Amanpour Friday morning, branding one of American journalism’s most recognized personalities as a “the biggest fraud I’ve ever met.”

Beck’s tirade was sparked by Amanpour’s emotional outburst on Thursday night’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” when she nearly incoherently denounced a “false equivalence” between run-of-the mill terrorism – say, chopping someone’s head off on camera and posting the video on YouTube – and a more effective version that involves spraying poison gas over a populated area.

glennbeck09“As bad as it is to decapitate someone, it is by no means equal,” Amanpour said.

(Memo to Ms.  Amanpour: To the decapitee, it is.)

Amanpour went on to liken the situation to World War II as well as the Balkan wars of the 1990s and the ethnic slaughter in Rwanda. But the connection was never clear, since military use of chemical was virtually unheard of in World II, Bosnia or Rwanda. Most of the estimated 100,000 genocide victims inn Rwanda, in fact, were slaughtered with machetes. (Possibly even decapitated, as bad as that is.)

But Beck’s criticisms went beyond the dubious logic Amanpour never explained.

He said Amanpour’s outrage had more to do with the ethnic identity of the victims than the weapons used in the Aug. 21 attack that killed about 1,400 people.

Had the victims been Israeli Jews, Amanpour – whose father was an Iranian Muslim and mother a Christian Englishwoman — would have shed no tears, Beck said.

Amanpour,  is “so anti-Western and anti-Jew it’s remarkable this woman has any credibility at all,” Beck said.

On his program, Beck said his feelings toward Amanpour go back to his days at CNN from 2006 to 2008, when he said she used her position overseeing Middle East coverage to try to squelch his reports of Islamic terrorism and cultural hatred of Jews.

And he said Amanpour’s criticism of those who oppose action against the Syrian government for its alleged role in the gas attack is unfounded – and will likely prove inconsistent.

“They will use gas on Jew and Israelis in Tel Aviv … Let’s see if you get all upset if they start to lob chemical weapons over into Israel,” he said, addressing Amanpour. “I doubt you say the same thing.

“You’re a fraud.”


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