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No Pledge of Allegiance, but students heard a Muslim poem on 9/11

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911-RespondersThe excuse is pathetic and the apology lame as to why one Boston-area high school read a Muslim poem to students on the 12th anniversary of September 11 while neglecting to have them say the daily Pledge of Allegiance.

Concord-Carlisle High School principal Peter Badalament scurried to “apologize” after he heard complaints from some upset parents Wednesday.

You think?

The reason the Pledge of Allegiance wasn’t recited as it is every single, other day of the year was – get this – the “student who was supposed to read the pledge was at a scheduled internship and Badalament had failed to find a replacement,” the Boston Herald reported.

What a pathetic and disgraceful excuse on 9/11.

But later in the day, the poem, “My Grandmother Washes her Feet in the Sink of the Bathroom at Sears” by Mohja Kahf, was read to students over the intercom.

The poem, according to the Herald, “examines the clash of cultures that happens in a midwestern bathroom when her grandmother prepares for the “wudu,” a daily prayer ritual, awkwardly washing her feet in the bathroom sink.”

Badalament “apologized” for not having another student recite the pledge Wednesday morning, and he tried to explain himself with the following statement, the paper said:

We had the well-being of students at the forefront of our thinking when we chose to acknowledge 9/11 by reading a poem that focused on cross-cultural understanding rather than unsettling words and images associated with the event.

We greatly respect all those who died and suffered loss on 9/11, the responders who gave their lives, as well as those who have served and continue to serve our country. We remain grateful for these heroic citizens.

Too little, too late, sir.

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