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Army vet sues Michigan for denying ‘INF1DL’ license plate

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proud to be an infidelAn Iraq war Army veteran in the heavy Muslim population of Detroit wants his license plate to read a name he was called by enemy fighters in the Middle East for many years: INF1DL.

But the uber sensitive, politically correct Michigan Department State said no because that “word” – infidel – “may carry a connotation offensive to good taste or decency” under Motor Vehicle guidelines, Fox News reported.

Retired Sgt. Michael Matwyuk, “who suffered a traumatic brain injury and hearing loss” after serving for 22 years, is now working with the Michigan branch of the American Civil Liberties Union in a lawsuit against the state for violating his First Amendment right of free speech.

According to Fox, ACLU attorney Dan Korobkin said:

A message on a vanity license plate may be brief, but that doesn’t mean there are fewer constitutional protections. The “good taste and decency” standard can be interpreted at the whim of officials in charge at any given moment and therefore it’s anybody’s guess what message will survive the review process. This subjectivity is exactly what our First Amendment was designed to guard against.

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