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Sucker punch! Tasteless French ad mocks Kennedy assassination

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The French have a reputation for being the most arrogant, insensitive, rude people on Earth, and a recently released commercial by a French company illustrates the point in spades. The ad turns one of our nation’s darkest hours into a comedy skit. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy is now an Abbott and Costello routine.

PMU, a French betting company, released a TV and Internet ad that uses the Kennedy assassination to sell its product, according to the New York Daily News, which reported:

the plot revolves around one Dallas police officer who bets another that he could spin his gun around his finger three times, “like a cowboy.”

The hopeless cop tries his hand at the trick but ends up firing the weapon in the process.

The bullet ricochets off a staircase, hits a mailbox and knocks a woman’s ice cream scoop of her cone before it ends up in the vicinity of the limousine — sending the Jackie look-a-like fleeing.

At that point, the camera turns to the two cops.

“It wasn’t down here,” the officers say, wide-eyed and pointing upward, presumably toward the Texas School Book Depository building where Lee Harvey Oswald worked.


Nov. 22 will be the 50th anniversary of that ugly day. And a French company marks this tragedy with a comedy routine?

When President Obama was sword-rattling at Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, France was the only country that announced it would stand beside us.

In response, Secretary of State John Kerry referred to France as “our oldest ally.” With friends like this … well, you know the rest. In my opinion, we don’t need their alliance — I’d rather have their respect.


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