Lois Lerner’s own emails contradict official IRS cover story

Is anything the Obama administration minions say about the IRS scandal true?

loislerner0912The  Wall Street Journal on Wednesday reported on emails turned up by congressional investigators for the House Ways and Means Committee written by Lois Lerner, the Fifth-Amendment-taking government careerist at the heart of the scandal.

The IRS has claimed the extra scrutiny – also known as “harassment” – for groups claiming tax-exempt status was not linked to political leanings, was not directed at a level higher than a local Internal Revenue Service branch in Ohio, and was not an issue for top officials in the agency until it was reported in the media in the spring of this year.

None of these things is true, according to emails written by Lerner herself.

In one, written to her staff in February 2011, Lerner called a a tea party issue “very dangerous,” according to the Journal.  She wrote that “Counsel” – presumably IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins, a longtime friend of the president appointed directly by Obama – should be involved.

“Cincy should probably NOT have these cases,” Lerner wrote.

In one email, then, the whole IRS defense of “who,” “where,” “when” and “why” is destroyed. Higher-ups were involved. Decisions were to be made in Washington, not “Cincy.” The email was written two years before spring of 2013. And it was a tea party matter — not some lefty outfit — that was “very dangerous.”

When emails surface of Lerner calling a liberal group “very dangerous,” Rachel Maddow will announce it to the 22 people still watching her MSNBC show. U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., will be sure to tell the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee he serves on, right after he gets finished pronouncing the scandal dead for the umpteenth time.

Lerner herself might even tell the world, as long as she can talk without incriminating herself. That won’t be easy, since few things are more incriminating than telling the truth about lies you’ve already told.

Lerner and the IRS can hope the drums of war keep beating over Syria. They can hope the upcoming fights over the debt-ceiling, Obamacare funding and immigration will keep the heat off for a while.

But nothing lasts forever.

The Oversight and Ways and Means committees’ investigations of the assault on American democracy by the IRS are continuing.

And to paraphrase a famous theologian, the arc of Oversight bends toward justice.

Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


5 thoughts on “Lois Lerner’s own emails contradict official IRS cover story

  1. Arden Forester says:

    Lois Lerner! Good name for her. All she’s learned is how to keep schtum in case she incriminates herself. If was a truthful woman she’d have no problems now.

  2. Cliff Fox says:

    I hope that Ms. Lerner eventually gets to serve some time in the Leavenworth, Kansas Federal prison over this, but even if she does it won’t be for long because our esteemed President will grant her a pardon before he leaves office.

    1. enosfolly says:

      and what time to Bill Clinton serve for perjuring himself before a grand jury. You and me, we would get 10 years, he got nothing, not even a slap on his hand.. He is still out there and people applaud him. After all it was his private life..but lesser things take out Republican candidates. They are not allowed a private life. The media digs and digs, but good ole Bill, he is just an incurable woman’s man..he can’t help it, it is between him and Hillary, and the closet queen couldn’t care less.

  3. enosfolly says:

    Isn’t this whole Syria thing a red herring to put more time between the Benghazi, IRS, NSA and Clinton’s unreported Campaign donations. Seems they can get away with not answering any of these if they just don’t answer. Not only do they say they are phony, but they happened “so long ago”, are we still harping on those old things…just like all of Obama’s fraudulent election, all of his credentials are still questionable. On paper his eligibility to be President has never been confirmed. It was confirmed by a left wing media, and accepted, simply because of his color. To question his 3 social security numbers or his many names, or his foreign student scholarship is to be racist.

  4. Gammi2Anna says:

    I would like to know how we, as private citizens, can learn if we have been targeted and are on one of the many (IRS, NSA, HSA, or suspected terrorist) list. We used to own a trucking business, which meant that both my husband and I spent many hours on the phone, calling all over the United States. I read in one of the news reports that numerous, lengthy phone conversations were cause to placed on a watch (or listen to) list. I also joined a group of citizens from all over the country that participated in reading and the interpretation of the Affordable Care Act, before it was passed. Would that have put me on the list? I’m not ashamed or frightened, because I did nothing wrong. Just operating a business and doing what none of the politicians that voted to pass Obamacare ever did, which was to read it. BTW, it is, as Obama and Barney Frank referred to it, the beginning of the end of health care as we know it in America. It is the pathway to Universal healthcare, with total government control of all “care decisions” to be determined by HHS, designated appointees, and/or congressional committees. Did anyone else notice the absence of doctors, the patient, or family members being included in the decision making? It even reveals the hidden agenda of “weeding out” insurance providers, which will result in hundreds of thousands of job losses for all the employees and affiliates if insurance companies.

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