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Gang of left-wing students chase David Petraeus, hurl despicable insults

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Screen-Shot-PatraeusSo much for the myth that colleges in this country are bastions of free thought and speech. In reality, intolerance toward those who fail to adhere to a strict far-left doctrine is commonplace, as was seen recently at the City University of New York.

As seen in the video below, former director of the CIA and retired Army general David Petraeus was chased down a New York City street by left wing students — probably attending school on tax payer financed student loans few will ever pay back.

And these students have the audacity to accost this man who has fought for his country and is seen by many as an American hero. A man who looks fit enough to still fight today, in stark contrast to some of the tubby, out of breath students struggling to keep pace with him.

Petraeus was on the way to teaching his first class at CUNY’s honors college when he was set upon by the students. According to Business Insider, he took on the class in seeking to rehabilitate his image after resigning as director of the CIA after it was revealed he had an extra-marital affair.

The shameful students can be heard calling Patraeus a “scum bag,” a “mass murderer” and a “war criminal,” and also chanted “Petraeus out of CUNY.” Not limiting their intimidation to name calling alone, they threaten to harass him en route to every class this semester, shouting: “Every class, David!”

Yet another proud moment for the institutional left.

Tom Tillison


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