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Zimmerman wife stirs up haters, media with dramatic 911 call

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The left wants George Zimmerman because the left wants guns.

And their media fellow travelers are going to do everything they can to help.

georgezimmermanThat much is clear from Monday’s incident when the man whose acquittal of murder in July vindicated the American justice system – and deprived gun-grabbing liberals of a sacrificial victim – got involved in a routine domestic dispute with his estranged wife and her father.

Maybe this was the George Zimmerman the media were waiting for.

It looked good. Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, called 911 to report the incident, saying her husband was armed and dangerous.

“He’s just threatening all of us with his firearm, and he’s gonna shoot us,” she told the 911 dispatcher, weeping.

It was riveting. It was dramatic. But it wasn’t true.

Zimmerman wasn’t armed when Lake Mary police officers arrived and Shellie Zimmerman admitted there was no gun, police said afterward.

But that was too late for media luminaries like Geraldo Rivera, who tweeted immediately that the incident proved Zimmerman was a danger to the public (and to Geraldo’s limited, liberal worldview).


Howard Kurtz, a journalist who built a career on media criticism, proved he made the right move jumping from a show called “Reliable Sources” to one called “Media Buzz” by joining the media buzz himself in a quick psychological assessment of the man the American media loves to hate.


Some things about the coverage are understandable. Shellie Zimmerman’s call to the police is unambiguous and any news director who hesitated to put a helicopter over George Zimmerman’s home when a report came in that he was armed and threatening his ex-wife wouldn’t be a news director very long.

(Whether the convicted perjurer knew she wasn’t telling the truth when she told the dispatcher Zimmerman was armed is a question between her and her God.)

But it’s not flawed coverage that’s the issue.

It’s not just celebrity status that’s getting Zimmerman airtime and ink – two speeding tickets, the divorce, this dispute, all making national headlines, literally. Zimmerman’s acquittal on ludicrous second-degree murder charges on self-defense grounds – the holy grail of Second Amendments supporters – drove the left insane.

Zimmerman is the gun grabbers’ Emmanuel Goldstein.

The left wants Zimmerman because the left wants guns – and their media fellow travelers are doing their best to help get him, from Geraldo’s snap legal analysis to Kurtz’s remote psychological diagnosis.

And there will likely be more blather today about how if it wasn’t true, it should have been, could have been.

That’s the media standard for George Zimmerman stories. And it will be until they get him.



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