Leaked UN report shows earth is cooling

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A leaked document proves that while the United Nations has been preaching the global warming gospel, it was fully aware that the Earth was actually cooling. Oops.

The internal report, from world’s biggest cheerleader for global warming — the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — saw the light of day in the Sunday edition of the Daily Mail.

Previous U.N. climate change reports led the BBC to predict that the Arctic would be totally ice-free by the summer of 2013. That time has now arrived. Surprise! The Arctic ice cap has grown by 60 percent in just one year. We’re not warming — we’re cooling, and, on the basis of the leaked report, some scientists claim the cooling will continue until mid-century, the Mail reported.

Yet despite the United Nation’s own data, the international body not only continues to cling to the notion that the Earth is warming, it actually increases the probability that it is. The Mail reported:

The IPCC says it is “95 per cent confident” that global warming has been caused by humans – up from 90 per cent in 2007 – according to the draft report.

However, US climate expert Professor Judith Curry has questioned how this can be true as that rather than increasing in confidence, “uncertainty is getting bigger” within the academic community.

The moronicity (my own word) of the United Nation’s thinking revealed itself in June, when a U.N. global warming delegate attempted to explain why the unseasonably cold weather during a summit was proof of global warming.

President Obama continues to make climate change a priority in his administration.


4 thoughts on “Leaked UN report shows earth is cooling

  1. tonylurker says:

    Wow, only a very dishonest (or completely ignorant) person would cherry-pick two points on a noisy downward trend and claim that as evidence for cooling.


  2. Abunchofbullshit says:

    Mr. Lurker, do your homework and quit buying the spoon fed politics that has been going on for years. This is only one report that shows this in the last couple of years, and they have been increasing in volume. Scientists have reversed, backed off, or admitted they falsified their data in big numbers; they have to as the records over the last 15 years indicate cooling, not warming. I know your scientist is Al Gore, but when they have their dollars invested in Carbon Tax schemes it seems pretty hypocritical to most of us. Politics needs to be set aside, as cooling is much worse than warming, and I don’t mean an Ice Age either. With the late cold/wet spring this year in food belt in US and Canada we were only weeks from not having a wheat crop!! Annie get your gun!
    Check out Floridas own John L. Casey’s book “Cold Sun” if you care to gather more facts; there’s a lot out there on this subject.

    1. tonylurker says:

      Unlike you I gather actual facts, not wishful thinking and misreported nonsense. If you look at the data, the ice is still decreasing, the scientists are not backing away from global warming, there has been no admissions or evidence of faked data, and there has not been cooling over the last 15 years. The data shows warming. Even if you only look at surface temperatures, a claim of cooling is unsupportable. At best you could claim a statistically insignificant pause, but an honest look would show that a slight warming is a better fit to the data than a plataeu. The only way to get cooling is to pick two points, ignore the data between those points, and draw a line; not a very scientific approach.

      1. Davey Bee says:

        can’t even try to get these people to see the data for what it is. They have their story and they’re sticking to it. I’ve tried to reason that should the data actually change – scientists will report it as such and not be caught up emotionally in it. Science is there to provide the insight to why the world is the way it is. Climate change deniers are intent on calling the world as they want it, not how they see it. I used to think it was uninformed optimism from a few nutters, now I see it as a criminal act of negligence perpetrated by heavy industry, energy companies and people who want to make a quick buck out of said nutters. These deniers are not even true to themselves – if they think it’s all BS and that nothing should be done, then let them do nothing – but instead they actively engage in tearing up programs and initiatives that would help the planet regardless if climate change were real or not. They are the puppets for the billionaires who refuse to pay their share to get hings on track.

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