‘Dumb racist moron’: War erupts between Trump, MSNBC’s Touré

New-age race hustler Touré managed to provoke Donald Trump into a Twitter battle Monday that turned into a real donnybrook.

The MSNBC co-host began poking at Trump with a series of tweets focusing on the business magnate‘s finances, and he eventually took the bait.

And it got personal real quick with Trump calling Touré everything from a “dumb racist moron” to “dumb as a rock” to “a stupid racist.”

As the old saying goes, “Katy, bar the door,” because when Trump responds, he goes right for the jugular by attacking Touré on his ratings and his intellect. Touré countered by bringing up Trump’s demands for Obama’s birth certificate and and asked Trump about “lying to people about your running for President.”

And people say politics is boring?

Tom Tillison


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