‘Dumb racist moron’: War erupts between Trump, MSNBC’s Touré

New-age race hustler Touré managed to provoke Donald Trump into a Twitter battle Monday that turned into a real donnybrook.

The MSNBC co-host began poking at Trump with a series of tweets focusing on the business magnate‘s finances, and he eventually took the bait.

And it got personal real quick with Trump calling Touré everything from a “dumb racist moron” to “dumb as a rock” to “a stupid racist.”

As the old saying goes, “Katy, bar the door,” because when Trump responds, he goes right for the jugular by attacking Touré on his ratings and his intellect. Touré countered by bringing up Trump’s demands for Obama’s birth certificate and and asked Trump about “lying to people about your running for President.”

And people say politics is boring?

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


12 thoughts on “‘Dumb racist moron’: War erupts between Trump, MSNBC’s Touré

  1. Cecil Poore says:

    Toure is a racist and is jelious because it doesn’t have trumps money. Liberals believe if you work hard and earn a buch of money u should share it with the ones that don’t .

  2. Roger Lee Haney says:

    Trump for President,Toure should be deported

  3. Tom Jones says:

    Toure should be on the Toure de France and get lost

  4. Kathleen Flaherty says:

    The only thing the moron can attack Trump with is his hair? How is Syria looking Mr. President now that Putin had to check mate you in the Med? Toure’ can undoubtedly speak with some knowledge about current events, NO, he probably does not even know where Syria is! Love the Donald, Toure’ is just a angry little man that wants Trump to spread the wealth. Ha!

    1. Guest says:

      The problem is Obama is playing Chinese Checkers while Putin is Playing Chess….

    2. denelson99 says:

      Putin is playing Chess while Obama is playing Chinese checkers…

  5. Don Wolfe says:

    I don’t know either gentalman but I would believe Donald Trump if I had the choice the man is a stand up AMERICAN, sure he is wealthy beyond my dreams but he believes in AMERICA.

  6. jewels says:

    I would vote for Trump. He knows what China has done to US. He could pull US out of trouble immediately. We need more people like Trump, who has gotten his money legally, and we know he is and always has been a citizen of OUR country. He doesn’t need a teleprompter with words written by someone else. Obama couldn’t talk himself out of a wet paper bag. All the crap he spews is written by someone else.

  7. Pooka_67207 says:

    Turde’ is a gay gay – a homosexual negro out and proud. I think he wants some white master/daddy to shackle him and own him. what a sicko that negro truly is. he needs extreme therapy. A lobotomy would be his bet bet.

  8. hwy505 says:

    “It’s sad that you have all that money and still can’t buy decent looking hair.”

    I guess after that comment, Toure lost the Twattle…

  9. linreis says:

    who is Toure anyways. I guess his ratings are that low, I’ve never heard of him. and his comments certainly do not entice me to check him out either. He lacks any sort of credibility, and then attack a man because he has money and brains?

  10. disqustang says:

    Case of a nobody beneficiary of affirmative action screaming for attention (to keep his TV job that no one watches).

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