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Peace activists volunteer to become human shields for Syria

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With President Barack Obama‘s policy on Syria looking more and more like an unmitigated disaster, things may get even worse because human rights activists are planning to enter the war-torn country and act as “human shields.”

The ‘International Human Shields‘ movement, started by activists in Britain and the United States, plans to converge on Syria and stake out potential military targets in hopes of deterring Obama from attacking the country, The Telegraph reported Saturday.

The Syrian regime has not yet indicated whether it will allow the group to enter the country, as noted in the report.

Many of the volunteers willing to go to Syria took part in the ‘Human Shields’ movement that travelled to Baghdad back in 2003, initially to protect hospitals and schools, and later, key government infrastructure sites, according to The Telegraph.

“I think a movement of solidarity on a global scale could grab the attention of a lot of people,” one activist said. “I think if there are that many people in the U.S. who are willing to do that it would send a powerful message. Even if people have to die for it.”

Residents in Damascus are reportedly already acting as “human shields.”

A group called “Over Our Dead Bodies” has established a sit-in at a site that is home to both a large military base and state television centre, The Telegraph reported.

“We think the first target might be Syrian state media,” said Ozgret Dandashi, the founder of the group that wears white T-shirts with the logo, “Over our dead bodies”.

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