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MoveOn.org bails on Obama, launches ad opposing attack on Syria

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A new TV ad called. “Not Again,” was released Sunday by the MoveOn.org political action group urging Congress not to authorize a military attack on Syria.

“MoveOn members, like the majority of Americans, oppose military intervention in Syria and want Congress to reject the Authorization for Use of Military Force resolution,” Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn.org Civic Action, said in a statement. “Following MoveOn members’ overwhelming 73 percent vote to oppose the war, we are launching a major effort calling on Congress to vote ‘no’ on the President’s request for an Authorization for Use of Military Force in Syria.”

The ad will air this week on MSNBC, according to MoveOn’s website.

“What should Americans expect if we rush into Syria, alone, with no real plan for the consequences?” the ad’s narrator says. “We already know. It gets worse.”

The ad uses images to tie Syria to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Congress, most Americans oppose missile strikes in Syria,” the narrator says. “Don’t lead us down this road again.”

MoveOn published a petition on its website called “Say ‘No!’ to US strikes on Syria!” It says:

We urge you to show real leadership in protecting the people of Syria with a more creative, effective, and prudent approach than military action.

•  Galvanize world leaders to demand a multilateral cease-fire

•  Arrange to evacuate people who choose to flee harm’s way

•  Care for the evacuees

•  Assist with re-settlement once the civil war has ended

Do not be fooled into thinking that war-making will protect or defend a population.

Watch the ad here from MoveOn.org:

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