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Hillary Clinton to speak on Syria – from the White House

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Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton – who is no longer even secretary of state and may be a top contender for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 – is being given the opportunity to make remarks on Syria from the White House Monday.

Forget about the Republican Party’s outrage that CNN and NBC are expected to produce documentaries on Clinton, documentaries the Party worries will be nothing more than 4-hour long campaign promotions.

The fact that every news outlet in the country will most likely cover Clinton looking and sounding presidential as she speaks briefly on Syria from the White House is an image that is bound to become seared in the minds of many liberal voters.

Clinton is attending an event “related to wildlife preservation at the White House” and she “is expected to address Syria at the beginning of the event, in fairly brief remarks,” an aide told Politico.

According to multiple sources, Obama is expected to give six interviews Monday evening to all the national networks seeking to gain support for a U.S. military strike in Syria.

Clinton is expected to make longer remarks on Syria Tuesday evening as she accepts an award in Philadelphia.

Again, expect the pro-“Clinton for president” national media to cover her remarks, which will come one hour before Obama addresses the nation on Syria Tuesday night, according to Politico.

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