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Don’t mess with this mama: Woman pulls gun on carjackers

Kari Bird
Screenshot Fox 59

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Attention liberals: Here is a perfect example of when blowing a whistle or running to a call box for help just won’t cut it.

A group of Indianapolis teenagers attempted to carjack Kari Bird at gunpoint in her own driveway last week.

Bird, a mom, full-time employee and law school student, wasn’t having it, Fox 59 reported.

As Bird was getting out of her car at 11:30pm, the teens approached, and one pulled out a gun and demanded her keys.

Bird, whose mind immediately thought of the very expensive law school textbooks in her car, “reached into her center console to pull out her own gun,” the report said.

The punk with the gun said, “‘Oh s***’ and then ran,” Bird told the station.

And this is exactly why Second-Amendment supporting women will tell liberals to keep their whistles.

Watch the full report from this brave lady via Fox 59:


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