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Afghan lawmakers demand death for Christian converts

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Calling Afghans who convert to Christianity from Islam a byproduct of the presence of American forces in Afghanistan since October 2001, prominent Afghanistan lawmakers want to nip that problem in the bud.

By executing the apostates.

afghanconvertsAnd according to the CNS News Service, even President Obama’s State Department is thinking that might be a problem.

“Under some interpretations of Islamic law, converting from Islam to another religion is deemed apostasy and considered an egregious crime,” a recent State Department report on religion in Afghanistan said.

That’s because Afghanistan’s constitution enshrines both sharia, traditional Islamic law, and freedom of religion in the country’s basic foundation.

The two are mutually incompatible, though.

“Male citizens over age 18, or female citizens over age 16 of sound mind, who convert from Islam have three days to recant their conversions or possibly face death by stoning, deprivation of all property and possessions, and/or the invalidation of their marriage,” the State Department report concludes.

Compared to death by stoning, having a marriage invalidated might not seem so bad, but is that the country America fought what liberals call “the good war” for?

And just getting off with a quick divorce or being stripped of everything you own as punishment might take a lawyer, which Afghanistan doesn’t seem to have for Muslims who convert.

“Legal aid for imprisoned converts from Islam remained difficult due to most lawyers’ personal objection to defending apostates,” the State Department report said.

Afghans who do convert are often forced to flee, most often to India, which has a sizable community of Afghan Christian converts and is where many baptisms take place, according to CNS.

But that’s only a temporary answer.

According to CNS, an Afghani lawmaker is working to get the Afghan government to pressure India for a list of Afghans living across the border who convert to Christianity.

That way there’s no question about what to do with them if they come home.

And it doesn’t involve yellow ribbons — unless they’re wrapped around a rock.


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