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107-year-old man dead after shootout with police SWAT team

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IsadoreA 107-year-old Arkansas man was killed on Saturday during a shootout with police.

Pine Bluff Police were called after witnesses say Monroe Isadore pointed a gun at two people. Isadore is also said to haved fired at police on three separate occasions, once they arrived on the scene, according to the local Fox affiliate.

Police say after the first time Isadore fired at them, they backed off and tried to coax him out peacefully before SWAT members eventually shot and killed him.

As reported by Fox 16, the community where Isadore lived was feeling shock, sadness and anger in the aftermath of the shooting.

“I’m in shock today,” said Larry Smith, who attended church with Isadore. “He couldn’t hear, somebody should’ve told the [police] he couldn’t hear.” Friends say he was also legally blind.

Some residents are saying the situation could have been handled differently and a town hall is planned for Monday evening for members of the community concerned about what happened to discuss it, Fox 16 noted.

While few can feel good about the outcome, when an armed suspect fires on police repeatedly, even if it is a centenarian, are police not expected to protect themselves? Or are they to wait until one of their own falls in the line of duty to respond more forcefully?

Or is this more of a growing trend in the country where those who engage in criminal behavior find themselves on the receiving end of abstract sympathy, such as we’ve seen from some toward Boston Marathon bomber Dzohkhar Tsarnaev?

One thing is certain, with racial animosity riding high in America in the wake of the death of Trayvon Martin, if the grievance industry can find a way to exploit this tragedy, count on them to do so.

Tom Tillison


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