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Staff begs Biden to shut-up; he announces Supreme Court choice anyway

Joe Biden
CBS News video screengrab

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If you are looking for something else to thank God for this Sunday, let it be that there are no openings on the Supreme Court for Vice President Joe Biden’s pick for the high court: Janet Napolitano.

Friday was Napolitano’s last day as secretary of Homeland Security, and Biden attended a ceremony to bid her farewell before she leaves to head up the University of California.

After lavishing praise on what a smart, smart, intellectually superior woman she is – funny how impressed Biden is with intelligence – the vice president prepped the crowd for a typical, idiotic Bidenism:

“My staff, when I said I was going to say this, said, ‘No, don’t make news.’ But I’m gonna,” he said, and the crowd burst out laughing because they knew it was going to be a good one if Biden’s own staff begged him to shut up.

“I think Janet should be on the Supreme Court of the United States. And that not only speaks to the other qualities I mentioned about your character,” he told her, “but your intellectual capacity and your depth of knowledge.”

Biden did acknowledge the crowd’s laughter that he was about to say something that would probably make the Obama administration cringe. He said:

Look, I told the president when he asked me to do this job, I said ‘on two conditions. One, I’m not gonna wear any funny fats and two, I’m not changing my brand.’ And so, everybody knew what he was getting.

And we all wonder how sorry Obama has been for it ever since.

Watch Biden’s remarks here via CBS News:


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