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Judge Pirro to Obama: ‘Didn’t you win Nobel Peace Prize . . . Give it back!’

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In a scathing “opening statement” Saturday night, Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro laid out the case against President Obama’s “dithering” on Syria – and it was damning.

“Really, Mr. President?” Pirro asked rhetorically, before launching into a description of the building of Russian and U.S forces in the eastern Mediterranean and Iranian “fast boat” action in the Persian Gulf that poses a danger of conflict far wider than the “quick military slap” Obama’s talking about.

judgepirrohaircut“It’s teed up,” Pirro said.

She also noted brutality of the Syrian civil war over the past two years that has killed more than 100,000. The gas attack – widely ascribed to Syrian government forces – killed about 1,400, Pirro said.

“Why is killing one way more heinous and worthy of our response than another?” she asked.

Pirro also called out Obama’s ludicrous statement last week in Stockholm that he had not drawn a “red line” against the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian war, and showed a clip of the president doing exactly that during a news conference last year.

“A lie is a lie is a lie,” Pirro said, noting the whole world had heard the president say something he now denies. And that fecklessness can have tragic consequences.

“Your red lines are nothing more than green lights,” she said.

And more than once, she brought the conversation into the context of the shameful attack on the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans – including Ambassador Chris Stephens – were killed in a terrorist attack that the administration refused to even acknowledge for weeks afterward.

“You lost credibility when you left American in Benghazi, then fired up Air Force One to go to your fundraiser in Las Vegas,” Pirro said, in a brutal, unsparing takedown of the series of lies, misstatements and obfuscations Obama and his minions have engaged in over the past year.

“It’s amateur hour in Washington,” Pirro said.

It might be amateur hour in Washington, but Pirro’s 10-minute indictment of the Obama administration is one that bears repeating, in Washington and throughout the country.

“Didn’t you win the Nobel Peace Prize?” Pirro concluded, in her rhetorical interrogation of the president.

“Yeah, you were the one …. Give it back!”

Check out the video below. You won’t be sorry.

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