Judge Pirro to Obama: ‘Didn’t you win Nobel Peace Prize . . . Give it back!’

In a scathing “opening statement” Saturday night, Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro laid out the case against President Obama’s “dithering” on Syria – and it was damning.

“Really, Mr. President?” Pirro asked rhetorically, before launching into a description of the building of Russian and U.S forces in the eastern Mediterranean and Iranian “fast boat” action in the Persian Gulf that poses a danger of conflict far wider than the “quick military slap” Obama’s talking about.

judgepirrohaircut“It’s teed up,” Pirro said.

She also noted brutality of the Syrian civil war over the past two years that has killed more than 100,000. The gas attack – widely ascribed to Syrian government forces – killed about 1,400, Pirro said.

“Why is killing one way more heinous and worthy of our response than another?” she asked.

Pirro also called out Obama’s ludicrous statement last week in Stockholm that he had not drawn a “red line” against the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian war, and showed a clip of the president doing exactly that during a news conference last year.

“A lie is a lie is a lie,” Pirro said, noting the whole world had heard the president say something he now denies. And that fecklessness can have tragic consequences.

“Your red lines are nothing more than green lights,” she said.

And more than once, she brought the conversation into the context of the shameful attack on the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans – including Ambassador Chris Stephens – were killed in a terrorist attack that the administration refused to even acknowledge for weeks afterward.

“You lost credibility when you left American in Benghazi, then fired up Air Force One to go to your fundraiser in Las Vegas,” Pirro said, in a brutal, unsparing takedown of the series of lies, misstatements and obfuscations Obama and his minions have engaged in over the past year.

“It’s amateur hour in Washington,” Pirro said.

It might be amateur hour in Washington, but Pirro’s 10-minute indictment of the Obama administration is one that bears repeating, in Washington and throughout the country.

“Didn’t you win the Nobel Peace Prize?” Pirro concluded, in her rhetorical interrogation of the president.

“Yeah, you were the one …. Give it back!”

Check out the video below. You won’t be sorry.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


15 thoughts on “Judge Pirro to Obama: ‘Didn’t you win Nobel Peace Prize . . . Give it back!’

  1. John_Of_Chicago says:

    Obama should not only relinquish his undeserved and less than noble Nobel peace prize but should also resign in shame for his awful foreign policy of “leading by behind” lunacy and also for building up a 17 Trillion dollar debt that will hit at least 21 Trillion before he finishes his term, and for pushing our country toward socialism, and for not protecting our people in Benghazi and not trying to rescue them, and for the 14% real unemployment rate that his policies cause, and for a dozen other things.

    1. Panors77 says:

      Not just socialism……full out communism I think is where BO is headed. He needs his records unsealed and him revealed for teh fgimposter fraud he really is.

      1. Fighterfire says:


      2. Fighterfire says:

        No wonder people assume all you conservatives are racist.. Your arguments against Obama are not based on fact:

        No, he’s not a traitor. Accusing him of this is stupid. He has not tried to have America bombed.

        You appear to be having some sort of psychological crisis.

        A half-Black Democrat in the White House appears to be just
        too much for you to handle.

        He’s going to be there for another 42 months, and you are only
        going to get more and more agitated.

        You should consider professional counseling.

        1. Jerry says:

          You must be on welfare. How many kids have you bred and how many women did you breed them with?

  2. TxRedhead says:

    I stand with John of Chicago!! There are soooo many things you can’t list them all.

  3. Usufur Bigman Ridley says:


    1. poptart says:


    2. Dwayne Jackson says:

      Usufur you are so eloquent. Not!!!

    3. Panors77 says:

      She’s right and plenty watch her show and you need to go back into the cave wence you came.

    4. aroundthetrack says:

      I’m sure you and your ilk don’t watch her show, Usufur. It’s probably cartoons and reality shows for you! People like you who have nothing factual to say, always resort to swearing and profanity. Very boring.

  4. poptart says:

    I love her and she also happens to be very PRETTY and I LOVE HER DO!!!

  5. Marianne Marie Munger says:

    I absolutely agree 100% with Judge Pirro! If Congress had half her since we would see an impeachment very soon….the Obama administration has crossed the “red line” way to many times…..Congress has to unite as one party to save what is left of America,it is no longer Republican’s and Democrat’s….we have a terrorist running the Country……PLEASE wake up Ladies and Gentlemen of Congress and earn our respect before it is to late…..the clock is ticking and it is not in America’s favor…..Please take out his entire cabinet….O Biden is not any more qualified to take over the Commander in Chief position! Send them all to Syria as a peace gesture!

  6. aroundthetrack says:

    She said it ALL — and perfectly!

  7. Cris Mischell Clawson says:

    Pirro for President! Yes you get my vote!

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