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Fresh off bashing Congress for ‘sitting on sidelines’ tour, Obama plays golf

Obama Golf
Photo Credit RedAlertPolitics.com

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Even as President Obama is running into fierce resistance from the American public on Syria and appears to be well short of the needed votes in Congress to support a military strike against that country, he went golfing on Saturday.

That’s round 143 for those keeping score.

Having landed late Friday at Andrews Air Force Base, returning from the G20 summit in Russia, the president was back in the United States less than 24 hours before he hit the links.

And this comes after he bashed Congress on the world stage on Wednesday, saying they “sit on the sidelines [and] snipe.”

Twitchy chronicled the response via Twitter, referring to Obama as “President Laser-like Focus.” First, CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller brings up Syria in a tweet, and conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin weighed in:

Meanwhile, anti-war protesters gathered outside the White House on Saturday, calling their picket line one that Congress shouldn’t cross as it prepares to vote on the issue, as reported by the Associated Press.

According to the report, at least 150 protesters picketed the sidewalk in front of the White House and marched to Capitol Hill, chanting “They say more war; we say no war” and carrying signs that said a war on Syria would be “Built on a Lie.”

An effort that took place fifteen miles, and a world away, from the three 18 hole championship courses at sunny Andrews.

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