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Former Marine beaten unconscious protecting teen from 3 bullies

Wen Jones beaten
WPBF-TV video screenshot

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After a brave, former U.S. Marine sustained serious injuries after taking a beating from three boys bullying a teenager and his father; the bullies have all been arrested and now face felony criminal charges in South Florida.

Wen Jones was leaving Juno Beach with his wife and daughters back in May when he witnessed three young men, all 20-years-old, bullying 14-year-old Zion and his father, LeRoy Wright, 55.

Although beachgoers stood around videotaping the confrontation, no one stepped up to do anything except Jones who was beaten unconscious by the three boys.

And still, no one stepped forward to help, but the cellphone cameras continue to roll.

Fl Bullies
L-R: Eric Deiter, Cody Roon, Tyler Carswell
Photo Credit: Sun Sentinel

Jones suffered a concussion and broken bones in his face that required surgery, and it was because of the severity of his injuries that the original misdemeanor battery charges were elevated to felony battery charges against Cody Roon, Tyler Carswell and Eric Deiter, last week, WPBF-TV reported.

Jones told the station he would do it all again: “”Doing the right thing is always the right thing, so I guess I would.”

The thug kids had bullied Zion and his father, Wright, all day at the beach, the report said, but the fight broke out as Wright and his son were trying to leave.

Wright and his son were profusely grateful for the help, and Wright said Jones deserves a “Purple Heart” for being a “true Samaritan.”

Watch the report from WPBF-TV here via YouTube:

Warning-disturbing images.



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