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Powerful photo of bloody Benghazi ‘red lines’ shames Obama, goes viral

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Barack Obama’s talks of a Syrian “red line” reminded Twitter users of some red lines the president would rather forget.  They were the lines in blood that serve as an indelible reminder of the devastating attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya almost a year ago.

Barbara Hahn, a central Illinois small town mayor, was one of the first to make the connection, and tweeted the following observation:


And the tweets continued comning right up to this one Friday afternoon:


Yet another “red line” was offered by Sarah Rumph:


While in Sweden, the president backed away his announcement months earlier that Syria’s use of chemical weapons would serve as a red line requiring American intervention. He now claims that the international community drew that red line almost a century ago.

He cannot, however, deny ownership of the red lines left on that building’s wall in Benghazi.

They were the creation of his administration’s foreign policy of complacency, and his state department’s indifference to repeated requests for adequate security.

Read more tweets at Twitchy.

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