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Epic Smith & Wesson mailbox sends giant message to intruders

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A New Jersey man’s mailbox not only serves as a place to leave and collect mail, but also shouts out to intruders, “These premises are protected by Smith & Wesson.”

.44 cal mailbox
Roger Buchko and his .44 cal. S&W mailbox
Photo credit The Express-Times
Lopatcong Township homeowner Roger Buchko, 49, supports his Second Amendment rights, and let everyone in the area know it by building his own mailbix in the form of a giant replica of his Smith & Wesson .44 magnum revolver, according to Lehigh Valley Live.

Since installing it, it’s become something of a tourist attraction.

“At least 500 people have taken pictures of it already,” said Buchko, who is semi-retired. “They love it. I haven’t had one hater yet, except one night somebody threw eggs on it,” he recaled.

“I’m lucky. I expected everybody was going to hate me but turns out everybody loves me.”

The idea came to him while surfing the net.

“I just came across a couple on the Internet, and I said, ‘I could build one of them but much better,'” he said to Lehigh Valley Live. “I’m like a crazy artist. I get an idea in my head and just roll with it.”

It took three to four months, working a few hours a day to construct the mailbox out of wood and PVC. While it may serve as a deterrent to burglars, that wasn’t his primary reason for building it.

“I put it out there to try to get some work and because I needed a new mailbox,” he said. Buchko is a cabinetmaker.

Watch the video, courtesy of Lehigh Valley Live.


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