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Ed Asner: Hollywood wont ‘get off its ass’ on Syria; they ‘don’t want to feel anti-black’

Ed Asner
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As President Obama continues to beat the war drums over Syria, some on the right wonder what happened to all the anti-war celebrities who were so vocal under President George W. Bush.

Well, radical-left actor Ed Asner may have the answer to why celebrities such as Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon have been silent in the build up to a possible military strike in Syria.

According to Newsbusters, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Asner explained why celebrities won’t be mobilizing against military actions launched by Obama: “A lot of people don’t want to feel anti-black by being opposed to Obama.”

“It will be a done deal before Hollywood is mobilized,” Asner said. “This country will either bomb the hell out of Syria or not before Hollywood gets off its ass.”

Ironically, Asner echoes a sentiment brought up Wednesday by talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, who said the Republican Party is “afraid” to oppose anything that involves Obama “because of race.”

“The way it is used as a hammer against Obama’s opponents has been very effective on them,” Limbaugh said of the GOP.

So much so, apparently, that it keeps supporters from stepping out of line as well.

Asner expressed remorse for voting for Obama: “I voted for him, but I’m not proud. He hasn’t thrown himself on the funeral pyre. I wanted him to sacrifice himself. Instead, he has proved himself to be a corporatist, and as long as he’s a corporatist, he’s not my president,” Asner said.

Fellow actor Mike Farrell was also interviewed, and he wasn’t happy with the president either.

“I’m frankly deeply disappointed in the president’s foreign policy, war-making, his reliance on military rather then diplomatic responses, his use of drones, continued allowance of the Guantanamo prison,” Farrell offered. “He’s a disappointment to me and other people I know.”

“What he is talking about in Syria is a potential war crime,” Farrell added. “It will be illegal, and if citizens are killed it certainly could be considered a war crime.

Read more at Newsbusters.com

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