Arrogant illegals: Unruly immigrants thrown out of Texas town hall

Illegal immigrants thrown out of Texas town hallA large and very vocal group of illegal immigrants – from children to adults – disrupted a Texas town hall after U.S. Rep. Pete Olson told the conservative crowd that the Senate’s immigration bill would not pass in the House.

As Republican voters applauded, police escorted Young Obama DREAMers, and pro-immigration reform members of Mi Familia Vota and Texas Organizing Project, out of the auditorium.

However, they didn’t go quietly, chanting,“We’ll be back,” and “Si se puede,” and demanding immigration reform, equal rights, amnesty, etc.

Once outside, a young woman with one of the pro-immigration activist groups addressed the assembled crowd of illegals – many who were armed with their young children (how many anchor babies?) and said:

We know that we are here today with our children, with our families, and they keep sending police after us as if we were criminals.

Even though we were kicked out of this building, they cannot kick us out of this country because we have rights and we are here to stay.

We don’t have documents, but we have dignity and we deserve respect.

You are here illegally, the government can deport you, and yes, you have dignity, but earn our respect by going through the legal process, please.

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