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White House website launches propaganda page for Syria attack

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White House website propaganda

While the debate ramps up over what to do about Syria, the White House has launched a page on its website to promote moving toward military action.

“Explore this page to learn more about President Obama’s response to the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons in Syria and get the latest news from the White House about the situation,” the website says. It features news updates, statements from the pressroom and videos of Obama’s effort to gain support for his position.

On Aug 30, the administration released the report, “Government Assessment of the Syrian Government’s Use of Chemical Weapons on August 21, 2013,” which begins this way:

The United States Government assesses with high confidence that the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attack in the Damascus suburbs on August 21, 2013. We further assess that the regime used a nerve agent in the attack. These all-source assessments are based on human, signals, and geospatial intelligence as well as a significant body of open source reporting. Our classified assessments have been shared with the U.S. Congress and key international partners. To protect sources and methods, we cannot publicly release all available intelligence – but what follows is an unclassified summary of the U.S. Intelligence Community’s analysis of what took place.

The unclassified assessment provides background and a detailed account supporting the belief that the Syrian regime is behind the chemical weapons attack.

A statement from the press secretary notes that the administration “will continue to work with Congress to build on this bipartisan support for a military response,” but there is no mention of other countries supporting Obama’s position or planning to join the military action.

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