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Shocking online confession after deadly drunk driving crash

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An online video of a young man’s confession to killing another man in a deadly drunk driving crash has gone viral.

Matthew Cordle, 22, admitted to drunk driving back in June when he collided with, and killed, Vincent Canzani, 61.

Now, Franklin County, Ohio prosecutors are using that video confession to pursue criminal charges against Cordle “which could land him behind bars for up to eight years if he’s convicted,” the New York Post reported.

The video was posted on the non-profit Ohio-based Web site becauseisaidiwould.com – and Cordle’s confession is chilling to hear.

Cordle is fully aware of the consequences of his confession, but understands they are consequences he must face for killing a man while drunk driving.

In the video, Cordle said:

On that particular night, I made a mistake and got in my truck, really blacked out, and decided to try to drive home. I ended up going the wrong way down the highway directly into oncoming traffic. I struck a car. I killed a man.

Immediately following that, I consulted some high-powered attorneys who told me stories about similar cases, where the drivers got off. They were convinced that they could get my blood tests thrown out, and all I would have to do for that is lie. Well I won’t go down that path.

When I get charged I’ll plead guilty and take full responsibility for everything I’ve done to Vincent and his family.

Watch Cordle’s confession here via YouTube:


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