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Obama said he wouldn’t compare Syria to WWII, then did just that

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Public speaking is hard for the president when he doesn’t have his trusty teleprompter to keep him company. In a press conference Friday at the Russian G20 summit, Barack Obama said he didn’t want to draw an analogy between Syria and World War II, then immediately launched into an analogy between Syria and World War II.

“These kinds of interventions — these kinds of actions — are always unpopular, because they seem distant and removed,” Obama said.

“And I want to make sure I’m being clear — I’m not drawing an analogy to World War II,” he continued, before he did exactly that.

“When London was getting bombed it was profoundly unpopular in both Congress and around the country to help the British.”

The tweeps on Twitter caught it. German news wire correspondent Ann Walters Custer tweeted:


Apart from the fact that he did make the analogy after saying he didn’t want to, it really wasn’t much of an analogy.

Britain was being bombed by another country — not from within as in Syria. In World War II, there was a clear delineation between the “good guys” and the “bad guys.” In Syria, although that division may have existed two years ago, today the only real “good guys” are the non-combatants.

Watch the video, courtesy of Twitchy, and check out additional tweets compiled by them.

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