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Gutfeld unloads on former ‘nutbag’ boss who compared chemical weapons to bug spray

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Greg GutfeldGreg Gutfeld unleashed on Maria Rodale in response to her comments in an open letter she penned to President Obama that was published Wednesday in the Huffington Post.

Rodale heads up Rodale, Inc., a publishing house which manages a variety of periodicals, including “Men’s Health,” “Women’s Health,” and “Prevention.” She is also an outspoken supporter of the president and Gutfeld’s former boss at Men’s Health.

“In a creepy open letter to our president, she equates gassing humans to spraying for bugs,” the Fox News co-host said while pointing out that “war brings out the stupid people.”

“Yes, your green grocer is a Hitler, we’re all ethnic cleansers now,” Gutfeld said sarcastically as he pointed out the difference to Rodale between dead people and dead bugs.

“Yes, Syria has undoubtedly used chemical weapons on its own people,” Rodale wrote. “Maybe it was the government; maybe it was the opposition; maybe you know for sure.”

“But here’s what I know for sure: We are no better,” she continued before proclaiming:

“We have been using chemical weapons on our own children — and ourselves — for decades, the chemical weapons we use in agriculture to win the war on pests, weeds, and the false need for ever greater yields.”

This alone was enough for Gutfeld to turn to Twitter to say he’s “embarrassed to say I work for the nutbag.”

Rodale channeled “mutual hero Bruce Springsteen,” reminding Obama of his song “We Take Care of Our Own.” She tells the president “we can take care of our own” as she urged him to “turn away from aggression and war and toward love and healing.”

Ironically, the silence from their “mutual hero” on Syria has been deafening.

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