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The Five host adopts Code Pink protest strategies

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Fox News’ Eric Bolling made his anti-Syria action feelings known on Wednesday, using the latest protest tactic by Code Pink and others by rubbing ketchup all over his hand.

“We should be careful before we shed any more blood, ours or theirs,” Bolling said, holding his hand up for all to see. “This is not our war.”

He began by slamming President Obama for saying he “didn’t draw a red line on Syria. Bolling then held up his “bloody” hand and delivered these prepared remarks:

“We should be very selective on how and when we shed blood–ours or theirs. American patriots shed blood to protect our families, our country, our way of life. There’s no reason to shed blood, ours or theirs, for a civil war between two radical Muslim groups who frankly hate us. So we should be careful before we shed any more blood–ours or theirs. This is not our war. We need to stay out of the Middle East.”

Greg Gutfeld wanted to know if Bolling got the ketchup from Secretary of State John Kerry, while Dana Perino joked that he got it from the “Code Pink store.”

His co-hosts chuckled uncomfortably about the display.

“We have blood on our hands by not acting up to now,” Dana Perino said, referring to Syria. Since Bashar al-Assad’s regime has killed more than 100,000 people without the use of chemical weapons, she thought the Americans were late getting involved.

But Bolling disagreed with the premise.

“Why is it our blood? Why is it our turn?” Bolling asked. “Why is it always us that has to go in and shed our blood, their blood, whose ever blood?”

Bob Beckel couldn’t let the moment pass without trying to turn it into a joke.

“Can somebody bring Eric some napkins so he can get this stuff off his hands?” he said. Later he answered again saying, “we’re the only ones with capability to take out their capability.”

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Watch the exchange here via Mediaite:


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