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Poll results: Right wing bloggers, tea party leaders weigh in on Syria

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bloggerIf you want to know where most conservatives fall on whether the United States should dive into another battle in the Middle East, you don’t have to look far.

Right Wing News’ John Hawkins emailed right-of-center bloggers and asked them two questions:

1) Do you think Congress should give Obama authorization for ANY sort of military operation in Syria?

2) If it were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Assad used chemical weapons in Syria, would you support bombing Syria?

The results from 46 national bloggers closely mirrored BizPac Review’s own reader poll, which puts the opposition at close to 88 percent. The answers were different when tea party leaders across the country were asked the same questions.

If you’re looking for party-line polling results on whether Democrats think the U.S. should perform military strikes on Syria, you won’t find many.

That’s because this is a tough issue for many Democrats, and they’re sinking low in their proverbial chairs so they won’t be called on.

Even Chris Matthews admitted it.

Mediaite recorded the MSNBC host’s conversation with colleague Joe Scarborough:

“I think the Democrats are going to be forced to sacrifice men and women who really, really don’t want to vote for this,” Matthews said. “They’re going to have to vote for it to save the president’s hide. That’s a bad position to put your party in.”

Matthews agreed with “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough that lawmakers from both parties tend to support their own leaders’ war efforts.

“When you hear Barbara Boxer, when you hear Jim Moran, you have to wonder what they would have said had it been a Republican president,” Matthews said. “Clearly people are changing sides. Just like the Democrats who supported Lyndon Johnson after the Vietnam war, after it was over, they turned on Nixon. The same exact people. So partisanship shows its ugly head here.”

Take our poll on Syria and tell us what you think. Visit Right Wing News to see how right-wing bloggers and tea party leaders compare.

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