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Neil Cavuto looks hard for Obama’s spine

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On Wednesday’s “Your World,” Fox News host Neil Cavuto showed President Barack Obama for what he is — spineless.

Cavuto runs through a litany of issues on which the president has vacillated, wavered and reversed himself.

“The issue, my friends, isn’t how you feel about these issues,” he notes. “But how the president so often has changed his mind on these issues.”

He then continues by noting contradictions in the president’s thinking.

The overreach by an IRS targeting conservatives that he said would not stand.

Now all but a phony scandal that utters barely a mention.

The push for healthcare law ID’s because they matter.

But a push back for voter ID’s because they obviously don’t matter.

I could go on, but why? When the signal these inconsistencies send is clear.

What does all this mean? Cavuto answers.

“A president who is without precedent,” he defines him. “When it comes to stating a position, then reversing it.”

He then lowers the hammer.

“This isn’t about what words next the president will take back,” he concludes. “This is about whether he will ever exhibit something approaching — a back bone.”

Watch his commentary below from Fox News.


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