LG’s ‘scariest job interview ever’ ad goes viral, for good reason!

LG TV ad
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Props to the LG Electronics advertising team whose brilliant new Chilean television ad makes you want to run out and buy its new product.

To show how realistic images are on the LG 82-inch “Ultra HD” TV, the company created a fake office and used the television as a “fake” window.

LG TV ad
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Four unsuspecting job applicants were brought in to interview for jobs with LG, and all went well until they looked out the “window” and saw a meteor targeting the city.

All hell broke loose in the office, as the applicants seemed to truly believe they were watching the end of the world out the “window.”

Whether the job applicants were real people or actors, it doesn’t matter because the ad for the high-def TV is quite effective and fun to watch.

Watch the viral LG ad here via The Daily Mail:

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